APIs enable new business models

API economy is a concept of a new business model in which businesses are sharing their data to third parties through application programming interfaces, also known as APIs. This enables businesses to develop completely new business processes and services. Greatest potential with APIs is that business processes can be automatized and applications can communicate with each other efficiently, which leads into easy to use services to end-users. Integrating different interfaces with APIs creates new business processes and more scalable business models.

The biggest advantage is achieved when on premise, legacy systems are integrated with cloud services and platforms in real time. Security and IAM is a crucial part of transferring data between applications. We offer secure data transfer with a modern integration platform, as all integrations can be monitored and connected through secure connections. All integrations will be monitored whether they are running on cloud or on premise.

Efficient supply chain management

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) means converting data, such as orders, invoices and shipments, into standardized electronic format and resending the data automatically to business partners and clients. A company should also consider implementing an EDI solution when planning to use third party logistic partners. An EDI solution offers multiple benefits such as automated processes which minimalize manual work and thus reduce possible errors. Additional benefits include time and cost savings and increased efficiency in business processes.

In Electronic Data Interchange data can be put in any format and integration platform transforms it into a standardized format. EDI solution is part of company’s application architecture. Our services include architecture planning services for EDI solutions, for example in AWS and AZURE -environment. The EDI solution can be connected to company’s other applications and systems through an integration platform.

With our monitoring tool, also supply chain integrations can be monitored in one view. With the tool, you will get full visibility and search index for all message traffic in real time. It has a smart alert system which notifies whenever a messaging error is occurred. Errors can easily be spotted from a dedicated view, regardless of integrations run locally on premise or in the cloud.


Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast network of different devices connected to the Internet. Basically, any device with sensors installed in it can collect information and send it via different networks automatically. Utilization examples of sensor data are for example following wear and usage of devices, following qualities of surrounding environment (e.g. relative humidity or temperatures), or launching an automated process when a previously determined value is exceeded.

To collect and exploit data from sensors, you need to have smart integration solution in place. Very often, your IoT solution needs to integrate with other applications and programs, both internal and external.  Many of these might be on-premise solutions. With a modern integration platform data can be transferred where ever it’s needed, in the cloud or on-premise applications, to avoid any silos.

A centralized solution enables also smart integration management and monitoring. With our monitoring tool Dashboard, you can follow integrations and message traffic in real time. Dashboard has an alert system that notifies immediately if there is an error. This way you can easily spot errors and fix them immediately!


A major improvement to order tracking achieved with our monitoring tool.


A modern integration platfrom enables fast changes to all parts of the supply chain.


Quick scalability and hundreds of integrations for a nationwide accounting and human resource management service.


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