Fonecta Caller is one of Finland’s most popular utility applications. It has been uploaded to over one million Finnish smartphones, and the popularity keeps on growing. With the Fonecta Caller, you have access to all Finnish contact and company information, and it’s completely free to use.

The industry develops constantly, and Fonecta reacts to changes quickly. Our co-operation with Fonecta began in 2011, when Fonecta Caller was about to be totally renewed. The goal was to expand customer base from Symbian users to Android, iOS and Windows Phone users, and also to add new services.

After the changes made, it is now possible for the users to find vehicle information, in addition to phone numbers. The background consists of numerous integrations, which import data from various existing sources. The result is a user-friendly package which has gained high popularity among Finnish users.

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Microsoft decided to outsource almost all of their IT services, and one global supplier was chosen for this. However, integrations were considered to be so critical, that an exception was made. Integration House was chosen to be the supplier in this area. Our company was also selected to the Microsoft MPS (Microsoft Supplier Partner)-programme, for which Microsoft picks out best partners for each category.

Our services included integration architecture planning, execution and maintenance. With both a continuous development model and innovative solutions the offering has been compiled into a very workable set of services. In addition to planning, architecture deployment and implementation were part of our role. We implemented dozens of new integrations and also constructed dozens of changes to existing integrations including conceptual and organizational changes.



Musti ja Mirri

Musti ja Mirri, founded already in 1988, is a leading Finnish and Scandinavian pet supply chain. In Finland alone there are over a hundred stores.

Integration House was chosen to be Musti and Mirri’s integration platfrom and integrations supplier in the summer of 2015. Because the transition phase went so well and new integration project deliveries were successful, the customer wanted to increase their service level and outsourced their entire integration production and server maintenance to us. Although Musti ja Mirri later outsourced all of their IT to one vendor, integration development and support was left to us. The reason for this was that the customer felt that the integrations were so business critical, and were also happy with our expertise and working co-operation.

In the transition phase we also carried out a comprehensive current state analysis. Based on the analysis, the customer received a good understanding about the current state of the integrations; shortages and dependencies. In addition, the results were used as basis for future architecture planning and integration improvements.

We also carried out improvements to integration monitoring and supervision. It was really important for the customer to quickly and independently find out how messages moved in different integrations. Previously it had been difficult and time consuming to find out for example how an order had been transferred between systems. Our monitoring tool covers all customer integrations from one location, and with the help of search index, retrieve information for example with any product code, and within seconds find out what is the status and location of deliveries.

+ 100 stores

1 platform

Bang & Bonsomer

Bang & Bonsomer is a leading Finnish supplier of raw materials and additives used by different industrial sectors. The international operations of the company extend to several countries. Bang & Bonsomer operates in a field that has vast material and information flows. Important characteristics of the supply chain process is the ability to react quickly and to have a tenable delivery time. They were looking to make changes to their environment, because it no longer served the needs of business.

Work began with a current state analysis, so that needs for changes would be defined in greater detail. Based on this an EDI solution was implemented together with dozens of integrations. Old integrations were transferred to a new modern integration platform. All of this enabled the implementation of desired changes in different parts of the supply chain.

Clear benefits were obtained by automating operations and processes. By shifting to a more efficient process it is possible to achieve remarkable cost savings both today and in the future. Continuous exchange of information both internally and among partners and customers guarantees that all necessary information is available to all parties.

We continue to develop the customer’s environment to ensure Bang & Bonsomer to be able to meet future challenges in a best possible way.

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LM Information Delivery

LM Information Delivery is a leading international subscription and information services provider. Their business model is based on providing customers with high-quality services; they wanted to ensure that the basis for these services would exist also in the future. In information delivery business the role of information management is crucial, and user-friendly services and up-to-date information towards customers are also important.

Based on this a microservices architecture was chosen as the foundation for the new solution. It has shortened considerably the time used for integration development: it is now possible to create new integrations in days, instead of weeks. The time saved in implementation can directly be seen in cost savings. In addition, the new solution scales automatically by load and is entirely fault tolerant.

We are wholly responsible for LM Information Delivery’s integrations and integration development, and work closely together with both LM Information Delivery’s own IT staff and other vendors. In the future we will also offer support services for the entire integration platform.

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University of Turku

University of Turku was needed a time tracking application for personnel, which we created with open source tools. It is a cloud service, which allows easy maintenance for the customer. The starting point of the process was the idea, that the application would have be so intuitive to use that no training would be needed. A purpose-built and user-friendly time tracking application has many benefits. With the right execution, even big organizations can use time tracking without excessive controlling of staff. In addition, a time tracking application directly supports the payroll.

The application is integrated to university’s single sign-on service. A simple log in and clear functionalities save the users’ time. Time tracking is also integrated in the HR systems, which provide vacations and sick leaves to be automatically updated to the time tracking application. This means the users’ don’t have to enter this information manually. An integrated time tracking application also enables versatile reporting and analysis.



Kunnan Taitoa

Kunnan Taitoa offers comprehensive accounting and human resource management services for municipalities and municipal companies nationwide. A national business model brings efficiency and economy of scale for municipalities of all sizes.

As the number of clients began to increase, and with even bigger growth targets ahead, it was decided that a new integration solution would be put into service. An open source solution was chosen as the integration platform. It enables both a centralized integration service for customers, and also a cost-effective way to build integrations. Cost savings are achieved in two ways: by moving away from the old point-to-point integrations, and, thanks to the technology chosen, re-using components from existing integrations when building new ones.

Implemented as a cloud-based solution, a sufficient capacity for operation will be guaranteed, as the total number of integrations will rise to hundreds. A cloud-based solution also ensures quick scalability for example in a situation where larger capacity is momentarily needed because of a large file transfer.

Since integration development is carried out by a few vendors, it was considered necessary to implement one support service for end users; it would take care of support requests centrally. Otherwise it would have been too confusing for the users to know who to contact. In addition, an extensive monitoring was considered necessary. This was possible due to the enterprise service bus architecture together with our dashboard tool. Our monitoring and support service has already been taken into practice in the customer’s environment.

+ 100


Aarno Engineering Office

Aarno engineering office is specialized in facade and piping repair projects. Challenging renovation projects are their specialty.

Aarno decided to purchase a turnkey solution; they outsourced their entire IT to us. This enables Aarno to fully concentrate on their core business. We created them a tailored solution including all systems and services, that best suit the company’s needs. All services are easily scalable for future needs. Most of the services are implemented as SaaS and cloud services.

Aarno’s customers are housing associations. With an introduction of new document management system and a web portal built to it, it is now possible for the customers to sign in easily and find just the right documentation related to their renovation.


Pappila Penkkala Group

Pappila Penkkala Group, established in 1993, provides financial management, receivables management and law services for private companies. A group of 70 professionals serves over 6000 customers in 6 offices. The company is growing rapidly. In March 2017 Pappila Penkkala Group was acquired by The Visma Group, which enables future growth nationwide.

An essential part of the financial and receivables management services is that their customers’ systems are integrated into Pappila Penkkala Group’s systems. This enables processes to operate smoothly, and thus provide an excellent service experience. However, the integrations were individual implementations, and didn’t have sufficient monitoring. With a growing number of customers, this began to present challenges.

In preparation for future growth, a new centralized integration solution was implemented. The biggest change to former way of working is that now the customers’ systems are connected to Pappila Penkkala Group’s systems via the integration platform. The chosen solution makes it possible to re-use integration components when onboarding new customers, and also enables easier system updates and changes.

In addition, our Dashboard-tool was introduced for monitoring and supervision of integrations. It has full visibility and search index for all message traffic in real time. After a training workshop, both supervision and integration development were transferred to Pappila Penkkala Group’s IT staff, and we will continue to offer support service for problem solving on agreed service level.