Cloud services

By introducing cloud services companies often expect to have ease of use and cost savings. These are achieved when applications are partially or entirely moved to the cloud. Thus for example system security, software updates and capacity are transferred to the supplier. Even more companies are transferring from traditional on-premise solutions to cloud capacities and applications. We provide integrations also as a cloud solution. In addition, customers can have a hybrid solution, where the customer’s own legacy and on-premise systems can be integrated to the cloud to provide a comprehensive solution. This requires solutions and understanding of how to combine data in different applications. B2B integrations demand high usability, scalability and easy usage.

iPaas is a cloud based integration platform for cloud integrations. Despite of its name, it can also be applied for on-premise and legacy integrations. Cloud integration platforms biggest advantages are quick and easy implementation and automatized maintenance .

Boomi’s service include


Build, deploy and manage your integrations with unprecedented ease

API management

Create, publish and manage APIs throughout their lifecycle

EDI management

Manage your trading partner network and transactions


Improve efficiency and effectiveness of any business process

Master data management

Align and improve data across all your applications

Companies using Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi

In our technology selection we have Dell Boomi, an iPaas solution for cloud based application integrations. Over 5800 companies worldwide are currently using Dell Boomi and even more in the future. Boomi supports all integrations whether they are on-premise or Cloud solutions. Dell Boomi can also be selected to complement companies existing ESB and SOA architecture with cloud integration platform.

Development, controlling and monitoring is located in the cloud, whereas implementing and data storage can be in the cloud, like Microsoft Azure or AWS, or on-premise behind secure firewall.

Dell Boomi iPaas platform implementation does not require programming, software installing or extra capacity on-premise. Cloud integration platform maintenance does not take companies resources as they itself include automatized support and maintenance.

The introduction of Dell Boomi platfrom can be done in a matter of days. Ready-made connectors enable quick implementation times and Boomi integrations can be applied in a fraction of the time that legacy integrations take. Companies internal teams have access to Boomi online service, where they can control integrations and data.

Boomi could be the right solution for small and medium companies, that are looking for a tool to combine their integration needs. SMB’s can also achieve high level of process automation and improve productivity. Dell Boomi is easy to implement and it enables fast integrations from back end applications to for example online store and mobile purchasing tools.


Outsourcing your IT enables a full focus on your core business.

The important role of information management and high-quality services combined with a new solution.

A user-friendly single sing-on time tracking application saves the users’ time.

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