Integration solutions

The terminology used today can easily hide the practical solutions underneath. When talking about for example IoT, Big Data or API Economy, there is always data moving from one place to another behind it. Of course, enrichment, development and analysis of the data is continuation to this. However, it is integrations that make all of this possible.

With an increasing number of application interfaces, companies simply cannot afford to implement integration projects that last for several weeks or even months.  The right integration architecture and implementation have a significant role today, and even more so in the future. The need for change can manifest itself quickly. A contemporary architecture makes it possible to build new services while utilizing the existing system architecture. Modern integrations are scalable for any business model, and require only minimal maintenance.

Replace point-to-point integrations with a modern integration platform

There are multiple benefits to choosing a centralized integration solution: shorter delivery times, better security and maintenance, including advanced monitoring and supervision features.

A centralized integration solution offers better flexibility, fault tolerance, scalability, efficiency and quality compared to traditional point-to-point integrations. An independent integration solution is free from supplier, service and system demands.

Our approach is to build an innovative integration model to support clients’ business processes both now and in the future. Our comprehensive service offering covers everything from current state analysis to architecture planning, from integration solution consulting and implementation to solid support and maintenance services. A current state analysis will provide a good view of the processes and also challenges of the organization. It will form the foundation on which the solution and architecture planning is based on.


IoT (Internet of Things) enables connecting devices to the Internet, and transferring data collected by them. With a modern integration solution, you can create automated processes through which data can be utilized in company’s operations and services.


Supply chain management is a critical part of companies’ business operations. EDI enables automatized and standardized data interchange between suppliers and partners, which in turn streamlines business processes.


Utilize your data by sharing it with partners and developers through API’s. Create new business models and opportunities that are enabled by integrating different applications, systems and platforms.

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